Art Therapy


What should I expect from art therapy?

Art therapy is an expressive practice where you can use your unique creativity to improve your emotional, mental, and physical well-being.  

Each person is different, and individualized approaches to therapy will be taken with each client. I will provide all of the art materials needed for our sessions, including materials you might not have explored before. Each therapy session lasts 50 minutes (though special arrangements can be made for longer appointments), and during that time we will check in verbally, use art materials, and reflect on your experience. Some clients find it helpful to process verbally during art making, while others prefer to work quietly.  Some clients may not wish to use art materials right away, and this is fine too. Please see the Psychotherapy link for more information on my qualifications to help clients through verbal therapy.   

I recommend weekly sessions, though depending on circumstances, clients may want to visit more or less often.  It is not my job to "interpret" your artwork, but rather to facilitate exploration in a safe space where you can find meaning, or multiple meanings, in your artwork.  You are the expert of yourself and your artwork, and through using art in conjunction with traditional therapy, you may be able to better express feelings that are hard to put into words.

Please contact me for more information about setting up an art therapy appointment.