Community Groups

Is your program looking for Creative Arts Groups, Therapy Groups, Art History Workshops, Yoga, or Chair Yoga? I have experience bringing programs into:

* Nursing Homes

* Senior Centers

* Day Programs

* Rehabs and Care Facilities

* Residences and Supportive Housing

* Hospitals 

* Schools

I can build a program or therapy group to fit your population's needs.  Groups usually range from 1-2 hours, and art making materials are included in the group fee.  Art groups and therapy groups can help clients to become engaged, active, communicative, creative, and boost self-esteem and foster independence.  Art history workshops offer a learning element, allow clients to share opinions and memories/associations, and create a unique work of art. Yoga groups are available even for those in wheel chairs or for clients with limited mobility.  Yoga programming can help clients manage pain, relieve stress, promote healthy joints and balance.  

If you are interested in creating a program in your workplace, please contact me for more details.