Emily Sharp is a New York State licensed,

nationally registered,

and board certified Art Therapist. 


Emily is a co-founder of Ditmas Park Creative Arts Therapy and has experience working with children, adolescents, adults, and seniors, and she takes a warm and welcoming approach to client relationships.  She seeks to be a caring presence in the lives of those who are experiencing anxiety, depression, grief, loss, separation, relationship troubles, life adjustments, identity-related struggles, or trouble at home, work, or in school.  Through a versatile approach to treatment that focuses on supportive, client-centered, empowerment models of therapy, Emily helps her clients discover the tools and inner resources needed to resolve issues and find peace and healing in the midst of difficult circumstances. Clients are encouraged to explore thoughts, feelings, challenges, worries, and hopes with the goal of wellness, growth, and self-reflection.

for office appointments: